Welcome to the Journal – Velkommen til Journalen!

This is a Journal dedicated to the sharing of ideas, adventures and perspectives. We want to empower people thru information and philosophy reflecting a wide array of themes and matters pertinent to our freedom, health and happiness. We will undertake an extensive orbit around the human experience, delving into issues essential on our individual and collective journeys of finding purpose and fulfillment in Life. Let us transcend the fears and unleash our creative potential for the powers that lie within us to return from dormancy transforming the barren grounds around us into fertile fields and lush gardens. So be it. Let us broadcast the seeds of love to co-create an ever-lasting space of compassion for all to be free. We will strive to continuously transmit valuable content in the forms of blog posts, videos and podcasts. Also I wish for fruitful interactionfruitful with you, and encourage you to share your perspectives, so that we can get a vivid discussion and exchange of ideas flowing!

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